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India Surf Spots

India has one of the largest coastlines of any country in the world with about 7000 kilometres of coast. With such a big coastline and only Sri Lanka sitting between India and Antarctica their was always likely to be a few great surf spots.  

A lot of the Indian coastline is still yet to be explored by surfers and many of the locations that have are still difficult to find due to lack of maps and access to the water. Though some spots are well known and fairly easy to access so next time your in India grab a board and checkout the below few locations.

Ten Thousand Peaks

Found on the west coast of India at Maravanthe. This surf spot has a beach stretching over five kilometers and has numerous spots along the beach to surf. Opposite part of the beach is a fresh water lake that is only separated by a road. In the lake there is numerous islands where people still live and the ancient temple of Sri Narasimha which is over 2000 years old. Like numerous surf spots in India their is more then just waves to be found.

Kanya Kumari

Found right at the southern tip of India, this is one of the windiest location in India and the surf regularly gets blown out. The swell can get big down there though and when the wind isn't playing havoc you can catch some great waves. It is a great location for wind surfers when the wind is up you can make your way over to an island off the tip where you can find a statue of Tiruvallur the tamil saint and poet.

Kovalam Beach

Found on the east coast of India just south of Chennai. This is one of the best known surf spots in India due to its popularity as a tourist destination with cheap hotels and great places to hang out. It is a beach break but as the swell picks up to six feet it can work like a point break. Most of the time though you will be riding short hollow waves.


Found on the north east of India Puri is a beach that stretches for as far as the eye can see. When you head out to the beach break at Puri you are likely to have the waves to yourself. It is a perfect location to get out and enjoy some peace and quiet away from the craziness of India. On the beach though you will find pilgrims that have come to visit the temple of Jagannatha.

In future posts we will bring you more of the best spots to find a wave in India.

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