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Summer Road Trip Victoria

There is nothing more exciting then loading up your car and hitting the road with some mates. A road trip provides a great way to escape for a weekend or for a few weeks. It allows you to explore your own backyard and discover something new about your country. It is also allows you to get away from work and your life for a little while and allow you to decompress and revitalise yourself. 

This summer we reckon you should escape on a road trip with this being one of our favourites to do with mates.

South East Victoria Coast

Most people when they think of road trips in Victoria they head to the iconic Great Ocean Road. It is an amazing road and a road trip everyone should take once in their life, however we reckon heading the other way can just be as much fun. 

Head straight towards Phillip Island and hangout with the penguins and seals. Philip Island has numerous great spots to surf including the four spots that make up the Philip Island National Surfing Reserve (Woolamai, Smiths, Summerland and Cat Bay). Philip Island has some great cafes and restaurants to grab a feed and some quality camping spots.

After leaving the Island we reckon heads towards the town of Inverloch, but we reckon you should make a pit spot at Harmers Haven. Harmers Haven is a tiny town and well hidden from the other towns on the cost. Pull in at the beach here and go for a wander on the squeaky sand or go diving at the shipwreck found here. 

After Harmers Haven make your way to Cape Patterson and go for a dip at the channel and watch the surfers who surf just off the channel. From Cape head to Inverloch along the coastal road. There are a number of beaches along this 15 kilometer road including the Oaks, Twin Reefs, Eagles Nest and the Caves. In Inverloch stop for a good feed or make up camp for the night. Inverloch is a great coastal town with the surf beach on one side and inlet beach on the other.

After Inverloch head towards Wilson's Prom, but make sure you stop and detour through a few towns and local sights. Stop at the Cape Liptrap lighthouse, pop by Walkerville South to a gorgeous beach and learn about the historical Lime Kilns. From their head around Waratah bay and to Sandy point where you can drive your car out onto the sand. Then it is onto Wilson Prom, where you can setup for a few nights and explore the number of beaches, bush walks and hang with the local animals.

If your doing a short road trip Wilsons Prom is a great spot to finish up, but kf you are heading further continue along the coast and make your way up through Lakes Entrance and up into Southern NSW. If your feeling real adventurous continue on all the way to the top Australia at Cape York 

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