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Summer Love

Summer is by far and away my favourite time of the year. Like most people we love the vibe that summer creates due to the long sunny days enticing you outside to explore and enjoy the day. We love that it means lazy days at the beach soaking up the sun and taking dips in the water. We love all these things about summer however there are some things that makes summer our favourite time of the year that are usually overlooked.

Thunderstorms One of the best parts of summer that people usually over look are the incredible lightening and thunder storms that happen several times throughout the summer. There is nothing better then on a summers night sitting on the beach or a cliff watching a lightening show over the open ocean. 

Night Swims Getting in the water at night has its obvious risks but when it is a warm night and the air is still and the water is relatively flat their is nothing more enjoyable then a dip in water. Night swimming can sometimes mean you get the water to yourself and just get an opportunity to listen to the noise of the beach.

Early Mornings I am an early morning lover, which is great to be in summer. Waking up to a nice warm morning and making your way to the beach watching the sunrise is a great way to start the day. Checking out the waves to see what the ocean is offering up and making the decision either to run back to grab the board or enjoy a morning walk and swim.

Exercise Summer is by far my favourite time to get up and be active. Some people don't like exercising in the hot weather but I can't get enough of it. That feeling of the sun in your face when your outside doing a run or circuit or the feeling of sweat when your in the gym and it is a hot box are what I love. 

Lastly we love summer as it is the best time of year to slip our legs into a pair of Alwars Surf Trunks. 

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