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The Alwars Story

Alwars is a creation of our passion and love of the Indian culture and wanting to combine it with our love of the beach and fashion. Our aim is to find and create amazing patterns inspired by India to create our surf trunks.

Our first range of shorts are inspired by our own adventures through India. We loved the colour, passion, history and diversity we found in the country and loved that it was home to some of the best unknown surf and beaches in the world.

We want our shorts to be fun and colourful, while showing off patterns of different cultures found within India. Alwars is all about living to the fullest and embracing all the great differences that you can find in our world.

All our shorts are named after different beach spots in India. We want our shorts to tell a story of the beaches in India and provide people with some knowledge about lesser known locations in India.

We are believers in being ethically responsible and in Fair Trade. Our surf trunks are made in Bali and we have developed a great relationship with our manufacturers, to make sure that everything is done ethically. 

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