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India Surf Spots 2

One of the unique things about surfing in India is that some places you go to surf due to the wave, but there is also a number of spots where you go to surf due to temples, pilgrim’s or scenery. Here are some more spots to add to any surf trip to India. 

Rameswaram has some of the cleanest and clearest water on the India coastline. The waves are not typically great here, but has a shore break that will test out your skills. On an offshore day this place can provide a fun wave. There is an amazing temple built here and is the location of where the Sri Rama camped before heading to Lanka to take on Ravana the demon king.

Tiruchendur is one of the busiest beaches in India, but most people aren't there for the surf. Tiruchendur is a spiritual beach where hundreds of pilgrims gather to take a dip in the ocean, which is a spiritual experience. The beach has some nice little waves that are occur over the rock shelf. This is most stop spot due to ability to watch the pilgrim’s more so then the waves. 

Big Rock is located south of Chennai at Fisherman's cove. When the conditions are right it creates one of the most hollow waves in India. With the submerged rock shelf inaide the cove it creates a solid left barrel.

Shore Temple has developed into a nice break due to the granites that have been placed at the beach to keep the Vishnu temple from tumbling into the sea. There are also some hollow right waves found here at Mahabalipuram that have become well known in the India surf community.

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