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Shiva and Vagator

Last month we released three new male designs and our first three female pairs of surf trunks. With all our designs we name them after different beach spots in India. We name them after India beach spots that we believe the surf trunks represent as well as being a way of teaching people about the beaches of India.

Shiva is found on the South West coast of India in Arabian Seat at the town of Murdeshwar. On the cliffs of the town overlooking the ocean their sits a massive Shiva statue where this location gets its name from. Shiva is one of the best surfing locations in India with two sheltered bays that create some ideal surfing conditions no matter the weather. The waves can break between one to ten feet depending on the time of the year and the weather conditions. The beach at Shiva is filled with mango, coconut and banana trees like most beaches in South India and with the massive Shiva (master of meditation) statue this is one of the most peaceful and unique places to surf.

Vagator is found in the popular tourist state of Goa on the West coast of India. It is not a location you head to for the waves, but for the colourful rave culture of the area. Vagator is one of the most laid back locations in India, but is steeped in the rave culture that is found in the region. There are two main beaches at Vagator on the North side being Big Vagator beach and to the South Ozran beach (little Vagator). Vagator is one of the best locations to sit and watch the sunset especially from the red cliffs above the beach. Once the sun goes down in Vagator it is then time to head to one of the numerous trance clubs in the area.

Shiva and Vagator are both a great beach spots, but both offer uniquely different experiences.

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