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Ethical Fashion

When we began the process of searching for a manufacturer of our surf trunks we wanted to make sure that we found one that was ethical. 

For us this meant finding an manufacturer that treated its employees with respect, provided a safe working environment, had a positive impact on the local community, wasn't at risk to modern slavery and was environmentally responsible. 

These are not the easiest boxes to tick when sourcing for a manufacturer. Having worked in product sourcing and ethical management there are numerous manufacturers that have a tick of approval for being ethical from international bodies and government bodies but yet clearly don't meet the requirements we wanted from our manufacturer. 

We managed to find this in our manufacturer who do everything to meet our requirements for being ethical. We may annoy them with our questions on their processes but whenever we do ask them they always come back with evidence and answers of them meeting our ethical standards. It is important to us that we can say that our surf trunks are made to ethical standards.

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