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Where our Alwars and Surf Trunk Names Come From

When we started the idea of creating surf trunks that were inspired by the incredible colours and patterns of India we decided that we also wanted our surf trunks to tell a bit of the story about surfing in India. A great way of providing some information about surfing in India was making sure our brand name and surf trunks were named after different beach / surf locations in India. 

We decided to name the brand Alwars after the surf spot found in the southeast of India at Manapad Point. We decided on Alwars as the name due to it being one of the best surfing spots in India, but also due to its off the beaten track location making it own of the less known locations and most difficult to get too. The waves at Alwars are created by the millions of years of lava flow creating a long right wave and hollow left depending on the conditions. Alwars is definitely not the most well known surfing spot in India but it is definitely one of the best. 

Our Mahe surf trunks are named after the sixty kilometre stretch if coast on the east coast of India. There are numerous surf spots along the coastline, but many are difficult to find on maps and may require you to explore the coastline to find them. The coastline is perfect for packing the car and spending a few days searching the area to find the best waves with some mates.

Our Dwarka surf trunks are named after the town found on the Arabian Sea coastline in the northeast of India. Dwarka is an ancient town said to be over 5000 years old with parts of the old city being underwater and it also has some of the clearest water in India making it a perfect scuba diving location. The gold pattern if our Dwarka surf trunks represents the hundreds of pilgrims who each day wander the beach searching for gold nuggets.

Our Gokarna surf trunks are named after the popular backpacking location found on the east coast of India just south of Goa. Gokarna is one of the most picturesque locations to surf in India. As you ride a wave in the shore you will see coconut trees lining the back of the beach and the Shyadri Mountains in the distance. 

Our Pondicherry surf trunks are named after the old French colony town that is still heavily influenced by French culture and design. It has a typical beach break with some good waves, but the swell can often be blocked by Sri Lanka to the south. One of the famous residents of Pondicherry is Lakshmi the Elephant and why we thought appropriate to name our Elephant inspired surf trunks after Pondicherry.

I hope you all enjoyed learning little about the surfing spots in India and I will be providing more locations and more details about the breaks in future posts. 


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