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Our Passions: Fashion

Fashion hasn't always been something at the forefront of my interests throughout most of my life. I went through different periods during my teenage years trying to stay with the latest styles, but most of the time I wasn't to concerned about how I dressed. 

That changed as I entered my late teens and early twenties. I began to take more time to make sure that I liked what I was wearing and that it worked best for me. I also noticed how influential fashion can be. The way you dress influences your mood, it influences the people around you and how it can have a positive impact on people.

I wanted to help open peoples eyes up to different cultures and especially the incredible culture of India. I thought that the best way to do this was through my growing interest in fashion and to combine it with my love of the beach. This has lead me here to the creation of Alwars.  

Hopefully through Alwars I can help show off a little bit of the Indian culture that I love while making some surf trunks that people love to enjoy.

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