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Our Passions: Different Cultures and India

The second of our passions that has lead to the development of Alwars has been our passion for different cultures. Our interest in different cultures developed throughout our studies at university and eventually influenced what we studied. We want to learn more about the different cultures around the world and want to be involved in using fashion as a way to show people the amazingly different cultures of the world.

This love of different cultures has seen us traveling the world to experience different cultures and meet people from different cultures. We find meeting people as the best way to get to know and learn about different cultures. The experiences of getting to know more about different cultures through meeting young people at a bar or sharing a coffee with a group of elderly people have been truly eye opening.

My personal interest in India and its culture first began in 2012 on my first trip to India where I lived with a local family in Mumbai four five weeks while completing an internship. This experience of living in a new country and embracing a new culture lead to my love of India. I was able to embrace the India culture by engaging with my host family, making a number of friends in Mumbai and by being willing to take chances on opportunities that were presented. Since this first time in India I have returned several times to travel through other parts of the country and attend friends weddings. It was while attending friends weddings that I noticed the incredible patterns in the clothing of the local women were wearing and thought that those patterns could potentially look amazing as male surf trunks. 

India has a truly unique culture that is colourful, crazy and always surprising. It is one that will overwhelm some people, but for the people that embrace the culture they will be truly be rewarded by the unique experiences that will be afforded to them.


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