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Our Passions: The Beach and Surfing

The first of our passions that led to the creation of Alwars was our love of the beach. The beach has been a large part of our life since a young age. Most of our holidays as children were spent near the coast or at our family beach houses. Most summer days were spent at the beach with friends and family. Spending so much time at beach meant watching hours of surfers over the summer and this is where we developed our love of surfing. As we have grown up our love of the beach and surfing has continued. We still spend most summer weekends at the beach and whenever we plan our holidays it usually revolves around summer and the beaches of the countries we want to visit. The love of the beach and surfing is deeply rooted in us and is a passion that will stay with us forever. It has played a role in our development as people, it influences the decisions that we make and it is a large part of the people we have developed into today. Without this passion for the beach and surfing we definitely wouldn't have ended up creating Alwars. 


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