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Hi All

Welcome to the first Alwars blog post. The Alwars blog is going to be place where we write about the three passions that led us to creating our surf trunks. These three passions are our love of different cultures, surfing and the beach and fashion. Each week we will write an article about one of these passions of ours and post it for you guys. We will also be getting guests to post on our blog about these topics.

We want to use this blog to provide a place for people to learn more about what drives us here at Alwars and hopefully provide you with a chance to learn more about different cultures, surfing and fashion. We will also use this a place to introduce you to some incredible people that we are working with and allow them to tell part of their story.

Our first three blog posts over the next three weeks will be about where our passions for different cultures, surfing and the beach and fashion came from. All three of these passions developed throughout different stages of our lives and ultimately lead us here.

We hope that you enjoy reading our future posts and hopefully we are able provide you with greater insight into Alwars.


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